This year we will be taking a deep dive into the great book of Romans. We will have lots of opportunities to connect, study and enrich our lives with the truth of this letter written by the Apostle Paul.

Sunday teaching Schedule

Below the is the preaching and teaching schedule for Sunday mornings. We will post the weekly discussion questions here (typically on Mondays) for you to use in your personal study or in your small groups.

To listen to past messages throughout our study, you can listen via audio on our Media page (and subscribe to our podcast) or watch via video on our YouTube Channel.

January 8 - Say Hello to Grace - Romans 1:1-7 [Discussion Questions]

January 15 - First, the Good News - Romans 1:8-17 [Discussion Questions]

Season 1 - The Righteousness of God Revealed in Universal Condemnation (Romans 1-4)

January 22 - Bad News for All Who Deny God - Romans 1:18-27 [Resources List] [Discussion Questions]

January 29 - Bad News for All Who Reject God - Romans 1:28-32 [Discussion Questions]

February 5 - Bad News for All Who Fail - Romans 2:1-16 [Discussion Questions]

February 12 - Bad News for God's Chosen People - Romans 2:17-3:8

February 19 - Bad News for Everyone - Romans 3:9-20

February 26 - Good News: God Made a Way - Romans 3:21-26

March 5 - Faith Unlocks the Door - Romans 3:27-31

March 12 - Made Right by Faith: Case Studies - Romans 4:1-8

March 19 - How Abraham Was Made Right - Romans 4:9-17

March 26 - How We Are Made Right - Romans 4:18-25

Season 2 - The Righteousness of God Revealed in Accessible Salvation (Romans 5-8)

Season 3 - The Righteousness of God Revealed in Special Election (Romans 9-11)

Season 4 - The Righteousness of God Revealed in Personal Transformation (Romans 12-16)


A number of our small groups are studying Romans together as we go through our "Immersed in Grace" series. Below is a listing of groups studying Romans. For contact info and a full listing of all our groups, please visit our Groups listing page.

Life Groups

  • Kovaliks - Sunday Morning
  • Nichols - Sunday Evening
  • Noltes - Sunday Evening
  • Webers - Sunday Evening
  • Edwards - Monday Evening
  • Fells - Monday Evening
  • Grubers - Monday Evening
  • Hudsons - Tuesday Evening
  • Johnsons - Friday Evening

Bible Studies/Life Group

  • Women's Ministry - Monthly Discussion Group - Tuesday Afternoons (select dates)
  • Elder-Led Discussion Group (led by Dave Kneller) - 2nd & 4th Tuesdays of the Month, Starting February 28. Register here.
  • Weber - Wednesday Morning
  • Leader - Thursday Evening Men's Group

Sunday Morning Adult Bible Study Class

  • Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m. in the Conference Room
    At the beginning of each class, we invite questions that may have been prompted on hearing that morning's sermon on Romans. Our teachers are Bible scholars and capable of addressing follow-up questions.


The elders, pastors and staff will be providing a collection of trusted resources for your personal and group study of Romans. We will provide links to journals, books, commentaries and video studies available via RightNow Media.

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