Groups exist to create places of authentic community where people can be known, cared for, encouraged and challenged to grow spiritually. It is the primary place where people of Grace Point are discipled.

Small Groups are typically 5-12 people who commit to meet regularly with one another to build intentional relationships and biblical community. Our Small Groups meet different nights of the week. Most groups meet in homes, while some meet at the church building. We also have men’s and women’s groups that meet during the day and in the evening.

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List of current groups

To get connected or if you have questions, please fill out this INTEREST FORM FOR WINTER/SPRING 2022.

starting point

Are you new to Grace Point? Looking to get connected with others in a group setting who are also new? Then, the Starting Point is just for you!

The goal of the Starting Point is to provide a safe place to experience groups at Grace Point with other folks who are new to Grace Point through a six-week, small group gathering. Each Starting Point group is led by 2-4 leaders who have called Grace Point home for a while. You are in great hands! We promise!

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Interested in what it means to follow Jesus? THIS STUDY IS FOR YOU. If you have been following Jesus for a short time, or for even decades, THIS STUDY IS FOR YOU. 


Living Grace is derived from Acts 13:43, “to continue in the grace of God.” This six-week study represents five basic characteristics that should be present in the life of every follower of Jesus. You may notice quickly that an obvious attribute of all Christians is not on the list, LOVE. This is intentional, because love is the glue that holds all of these characteristics together. Love for God, or love of neighbor is at the heart of each trait. Please enjoy this six-week study with a watchful eye to see how love is ever present


This study is not intended to be a complete apologetic for any one topic or passage of scripture. Volumes of books have been written on all of these topics. The purpose is to expose you to some biblical basics regarding walking in grace, without committing to a semester to theological debate. Just as each topic is not covered to its fullest extent, many of the passages of scripture that are referenced in this study are not covered with complete commentary. These passages are referenced for the purpose of providing a biblical foundation for the topic at hand. However, further study of any topic or scripture for a personal and deeper understanding is highly encouraged. 

If you're interested in joining a Living Grace Group, please let us know using this form!