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CURRENT SERIES: Red Letter Challenge

The Red Letter Challenge is a 40-Day churchwide experience at Grace Point and looks closely at the spoken words of Jesus. The Red Letter Challenge creates resources that are simple to understand, challenging in concept, highly practical, but always squarely aimed at Jesus. Christians can have good intentions all day long, but intentions without precise aim at exactly the One we are trying to be like, Jesus, will always lead to unintended consequences. God has been gracious to all, and being compelled by that grace, we believe that following Jesus is the single greatest opportunity of our lifetime! The Lord has given us what it takes to follow Him greatly!

February 21 - Doing What Jesus Said (Matthew 7:24-27) [Small Group Discussion Questions - Week 1]

February 28 - Being (John 1:12-13) [Small Group Discussion Questions - Week 2]

March 7 - Forgiving (John 8:1-11)  [Small Group Discussion Questions - Week 3]

March 14 - Serving (Luke 22:24-27) [Small Group Discussion Questions - Week 4]

March 21 - Giving (Mark 12:41-44) [Small Group Discussion Questions - Week5]

March 28 - Going (TBD) [Small Group Discussion Questions - Week 6]


Through a study of the Book of Jonah, we find God's grace demonstrated and shining forth in varying instances:

  • through a storm that causes Jonah to be stopped from running away from Him;
  • through a fish that swallows Jonah and saves him from death;
  • through some "alone time" in the fish's belly where Jonah repents;
  • through the unlikely repentance of Nineveh as a result of Jonah's reluctant preaching; and
  • through God's personal attention toward Jonah in his stubbornness and anger expressed in an unusual plant and the worm that kills it.

All of these instances point to the fact that God sometimes demonstrates His grace in strange ways, not only for Jonah and the Ninevites but also for us!

January 17 - Hurling Grace (Jonah 1) [Small Group Discussion Questions PDF]

January 24 - Fishy Grace (Jonah 2) [Small Group Discussion Questions PDF]

January 31 - Sackcloth Grace (Jonah 3) [Small Group Discussion Questions PDF]

February 7 - Stubborn Grace (Jonah 4:1-5) [Small Group Discussion Questions PDF]

February 14 - Shady Grace (Jonah 4) [Small Group Discussion Questions PDF]

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