Prayer ministry

We're convinced that prayer is the lifeblood of ministry. Therefore, we know the ministries of Grace Point must be bathed in prayer from conception to completion. We are humbly dependent on God for His guidance, provision and blessing in all that we do.

Prayer is also vitally important in the life of the individual believer. We want the people of Grace Point to be people of prayer, who communicate with God regularly about their own needs, and who intercede often for the needs of others. We pray because God's Word encourages us to do so. We pray in confidence that God hears and answers prayer.

Our Prayer Ministries

  • Sunday Morning Prayer Team - Look for people wearing a "How Can I Pray For You?" button. They'd be happy to pray with you.
  • Wednesday Evening Praise & Prayer - Typically you can join us Wednesday evening at 7:00 p.m. to worship and pray for the ministries of Grace Point, our church family and our global partners. 
  • Prayer Email List - Do you have a request or need for which you'd like prayer? Submit your prayer request to or by completing this form.

Weekly Prayer Brochure

Each week we publish a prayer brochure that includes prayer requests for our church and our global partners. We'll post each week's brochure on Fridays.